Core Children and Adolescents (C&A) Program

Adult Core Treatment Program (includes Seniors)

Drug Abuse Treatment and Education Program

Intensive Family Intervention (IFI) Program (C&A)


CitySide Healthcare, Inc. uses its team of Therapists, professional counselors, case managers and specialists to ensure quality care for each consumer. We conduct assessments and clinical evaluations to properly diagnose, order appropriate services and create individual treatment plans for efficient care. The basis of our clinical services includes, but is not limited to the following:

Behavioral Health Assessments*
Service Plan Development*
Psychological Testing*
Community Support (C&A)
Individual Counseling*
Group Skills Training
Group Counseling
Family Skills Training
Family Counseling*
Crisis Intervention
Community Transition Planning
Substance Abuse Counseling*
Case Management (Adult)
Free Community Resource Referrals (Adult)
Psychosocial Rehabilitation Skills (PSR) Adult
Intensive Family Intervention (C&A)
Individual skills training*
Behavior aid*


CitySide Healthcare, Inc. initially provides a physical examination to every individual ordered to receive medical services. These examinations may be performed off-site or on-site at our facility by our medical staff. Our team of doctors and nurses ensure each consumer is properly examined and suitable for social-medical assistance. They also ensure each consumer is properly diagnosed and transitioned to receive the appropriate healthcare services.

Diagnostic Assessments
Nursing Assessments & Services
Psychiatric Treatment
Medication Management

* Service included in IFI program