Company Overview

CitySide Healthcare is a behavioral healthcare service provider operating under the management of qualified professional. The company provides cost-effective, patient-based clinical and medical services to children, adolescents and adults. We use community-based resources to render comprehensive clinical and medical treatment to our patients. We have teams of experienced doctors, therapists, educators and substance abuse specialists that are trained to provide the best services. Our focus is to improve the life and lifestye of every person we serve.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to significantly enhance the life and life style of every client we serve through the means of collective expertise in behavioral and medical sciences, and with the support of community resources.


We believe that every opportunity for success is accompanied with the audacity of hope, and success cannot be reached without the availability of sufficient resources. Therefore, CitySide Healthcare, Inc. provides all levels of care for every type of individual. We are prepared and capable of adapting to all demographical environments for the purpose of reaching all consumers at their expressed needs.

Core Values

Those who are able to control their emotional responses and social behaviors will have the ability to learn anything presented to them. They will also develop a temperament that will allow them to be accepted in almost any social environment. Once self control is obtained, the only challenge for learning becomes time and the only challenge for social acceptance becomes the appreciation of others. Our formula of Core Values allows these achievements and many others to be accomplished by anyone.











We believe truth promotes integrity, hope promotes desire, freedom promotes opportunity, and faith promotes ability. These Core Values are the life formula for success.